Review: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Nude Crème and Naturally Chic


I will be the first one to admit that I have never considered myself a lipstick fan. For the longest time and during my pre-makeup days, I have always relied on my Human Nature Peppermint Lipbalm for avoid chapped lips and that was it. Even when I started getting makeup, it literally took me months before I even bought my first lipstick – and even then it was because it was on sale and super cheap.

So perhaps no one was more surprised than I am when I made the effort to actually look for a seller of these Milani Color Statement lipsticks. I must say that what got me really curious was the fact that Milani has quite an excellent reputation when it comes to their blushers and lipsticks, so I was not about to pass on the opportunity to own at least one of these products. When I came across a review and swatch video of them on Youtube and saw the shades in which they come, I immediately set me heart to buying the ones that I like.

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