Review: eBay Gold Ferrule Synthetic Brushes


If you have read a number of my blog posts, then you’re probably already aware that I love my eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes. Admittedly, when one looks at my collection, they’d most likely think I need another eyeshadow palette and makeup brush set like a whole in my head, but I couldn’t seem to resist hauling them when I see a set or a palette that I like.

Having said that, you shouldn’t really be surprised that I have another brush set to review today…

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11-Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set from eBay


Just as the name of this blog implies, I’m absolutely crazy about eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes, so when I saw this makeup brush set on eBay, I knew right then and there that I need to own this.

After a month or so of waiting, my 11-piece bamboo brush set finally arrived. I paid $10.29 (approximately 449php) for it and for 11 brushes, that’s not too bad of a deal pricewise. Just as the name implies, this set comes with 11 different face and eye brushes that is perfect for beginners. The set also includes a drawstring bag that can contain all 11 brushes and it’s perfect for when you’re traveling. My own set arrived perfectly packed in bubble wrap and each individual brush has been contained in a plastic sleeve, so nothing was damaged or anything.

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