Makeup Revolution Haul


Ever since I saw that first Iconic 3 Palette review on Youtube, I have been obsessed fascinated with Makeup Revolution. For those of you who don’t know what Makeup Revolution is, it’s a relatively new cosmetics company based in the United Kingdom. They offer a variety of products from eyeshadow palettes to foundation to blusher and bronzers. Pretty much from the time they opened, their products have been raved upon by bloggers and beauty gurus online and since I’m a self-confessed eyeshadow palette lover, I had to get into the bandwagon.

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LUS & SOO Korean Sheet Mask Haul

Even I was much younger, I have never thought of myself as someone who is a “skincare person”. Sure, I used lotion and facial cleanser, but not religiously. I haven’t bothered with moisturizer (I know, HORRIBLE!) until I turned 28. I pretty much ignored my need for a good skincare product – that is until I first used sheet masks.

In a lot of ways, you could say that sheet masks introduced me to a world of skincare. In saying that, I will admit that I tend to go overboard when I find good deals on sheet masks online.

That’s what happened in this case.

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