About Me

Cat person. Makeup lover. Online Shopaholic. Bookworm. Thrift-shopping enthusiast. Masterchef AU follower. Travis Maddox superfan.

Hi, I’m Kissel.

I created this blog with the intention of filling my spare time with some sort of productive outlet for myself. The things you read here are mostly about things that interest me and perhaps some of you out there. I love shopping for makeup products – especially eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes – thus the name of my blog. You will read about the products I’m raving about and would recommend most of the time here. Similarly, you will also read slight rants on the items that disappointed me or am not too happy about. I feel like I need to stress this out, so I’m just going to do it: we each feel different about certain products – if you happen to like the products I don’t like, don’t get offended. It just means it didn’t work for me – doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a complete waste of everyone’s time or money.

Although this site is mainly dedicated to makeup and skincare in general, there’s a good chance you will read about my cats or the books I’m currently reading somewhere in my posts. In such cases, do bear with me. This blog is created in the spirit of fun and sharing views about things, so please don’t stress yourself out, alright?

So, that’s it. Have fun reading! 🙂


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