Review: MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

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Okay, I think I have established enough in this blog that I love my makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes – especially the neutrals. As far as UK brands go, before I lusted over Makeup Revolution’s palettes, I have to admit that there was MUA. As far as my limited knowledge about brands and products go, I believe MUA started the UD Naked dupes. Oh, I’m aware that shades of the Naked palette shades have been duped individually by other brands, but I think MUA was the first to make palettes that attempted to dupe every single shade in one Naked palette. Don’t quote me on that though. As I said, I’ve limited knowledge about brands and products. 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to get one or two of these MUA palettes for myself, but was iffy about the shipping costs. Then last month, I finally found them being offered on pre-order from my local makeup supplier and immediately grabbed the chance to get my grubby hands on them. After a month of waiting, my MUA palettes finally arrived.

When I first saw this palette, I must admit that I was surprised – I was expecting that it would be       the same size as my Iconic palettes, but it was not. It wasn’t that big of a deal though because I fell in love all over again with the shade range from Heaven and Earth.


MUA’s Heaven and Earth palette is composed of 12 shades ranging from taupes to creams to bronze and golds to reddish plums. It has two types of finishes from what I can see: satin-pearly and shimmery.

I would call these shades user-friendly. It’s one of those palettes that may look unassuming at first because of the brown-toned shades, yet you could vary your look to suit your outfits.


Pigmentation is very good. As you can see from the primer-less swatches above, they do show up quite well. I always use primer on my lids and the colors really show up on them. I also love the fact that the glitters in the shimmery shades are finely-milled. I cannot stand chunky glitters at this point. I think pulling that off requires more knowledge and techniques that I have yet to master. You do get a bit of fallout when you pack them on your lids though, so that may be something you’d want to be aware of.

If I have one bone to pick on this palette, it would be that this isn’t a standalone palette for me. I have hooded lids and as a rule would only use matte shades on my crease. Also, the highlight shades would work for some, but I don’t like using them on my brow bone.

So what’s my verdict on MUA’s Heaven and Earth? I’d recommend it, of course. This is too beautiful of a palette to simply be ignored. Besides, some people who don’t have hooded lids can pull off using the satiny-pearly shades on their lids, so the brown-toned shades would work on them.

Have you tried any of MUA’s palettes? What’s your favourite one in the line? 🙂



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