Review: Human Heart Nature Peppermint Lipbalm


I have a confession to make. Up until I turned 28, I didn’t wear make-up on a regular basis. Oh, of course I wore lipstick during my graduation ceremonies throughout the years and some school performances, but overall, I didn’t actually have a makeup collection before 2014.

Be as it may, I have always had the Human Heart Nature Peppermint Lipbalm as my Holy Grail product. I bought my first tube around four years ago and from that point on, I never looked back. I go through tubes and tubes of this like a maniac.

Human Heart Nature is a pro-poor, pro-environment label that is under the company Gandang Kalikasan, which I can roughly translate to beauty from nature. The company sells a wide variety of products from personal care items, makeup items, home and pet care and baby care items. Their products are paraben-free, silicone-free and are at least 96% or so natural. Oh, did I mention they’re PETA-certified cruelty-free as well? Yayy!

I have used some of their products over the years, including their most raved-about sunflower beauty oil, but I can honestly say that this lipbalm is my favorite.

I love the finish this lipbalm has. It’s very moisturizing, but never greasy. I love that it doesn’t feel like I have a layer of grease (which happened when I used to put petroleum jelly) on my lips. I put this one when I begin my routine to prepare my lips for lipstick later on.

As for the scent/flavor, I am absolutely in love with peppermint. I also use Human Heart Nature’s Peppermint-flavored Shampoo and will almost always buy a product that’s peppermint scented and flavored. It also feels cooling on the lips when you put this on. 🙂

When it comes to lipbalm, I think one of the reasons why Eos tends to be so popular is that it does not affect the finish of your lipstick. I have never tried Eos, but this lipbalm has that same quality. Don’t you hate it when you put on matte lipstick, but the finish ends up being rather glossy because you used a rather glossy lipbalm as your base?

One thing that you have to watch out when using this lipbalm though is its expiration date. This is 100% natural and tends to expire quicker than other lipbalms. I believe this expires after a year of manufacturing date, but I personally don’t worry about that because I use this regularly that I finish the tube before the expiration date.

Have you tried any Human Heart Nature product? If so, what’s your favorite one? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂


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