Review: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Nude Crème and Naturally Chic


I will be the first one to admit that I have never considered myself a lipstick fan. For the longest time and during my pre-makeup days, I have always relied on my Human Nature Peppermint Lipbalm for avoid chapped lips and that was it. Even when I started getting makeup, it literally took me months before I even bought my first lipstick – and even then it was because it was on sale and super cheap.

So perhaps no one was more surprised than I am when I made the effort to actually look for a seller of these Milani Color Statement lipsticks. I must say that what got me really curious was the fact that Milani has quite an excellent reputation when it comes to their blushers and lipsticks, so I was not about to pass on the opportunity to own at least one of these products. When I came across a review and swatch video of them on Youtube and saw the shades in which they come, I immediately set me heart to buying the ones that I like.

The shades that I have always wanted to get from that point on were Nude Crème and Naturally Chic. When it comes to lipsticks, I tend to gravitate towards the Nude/Natural looking colors and these two swatched beautifully on the video.

I bought mine off K Cosmetics PH for around 319PHP. As soon as I got home, I immediately tried both colors and they look absolutely perfect with my skin tone.


Both shades pretty much belong in that Nude/Natural category although they have different undertones to them. Nude Crème is a pinky nude color while Naturally Chic tends to deeper with more brown than pink in its undertones.

What struck me the most with these lipsticks though is that they glide on your lips like butter, but they don’t have that super glossy finish to it as you can see from the swatches. I like hydrating lip products, but sometimes, those tend to feel greasy on the lips. In some reviews of these I’ve seen, the finish has been compared to Mac’s Creamsheen lipsticks. Since I personally don’t own any Mac lipsticks, I cannot say for sure if that’s the case, but regardless of that, these feel like high-quality lipsticks.

Packaging wise, I’m in love with this. The gold tube reminds me of YSL lipsticks, but on a simpler packaging. It does have a watermelon-ey scent to it, which I personally love, but some of you may find that to be an issue. Also, considering the price, it’s not too much when you think about the quality of these lipsticks.

Overall, I’d recommend these Milani Color Statement lipsticks both for the price and quality. They do have a lot of other shades to choose from for those of you who prefer reds, pinks and plum shades.

Have you tried Milani Color Statement lipsticks? What shade/s is your favorite? Lemme know in the comment section below. 🙂



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