Review: Innisfree Rosemary Sebum and Pore Lotion

For what seems like forever, I have been looking for a perfect moisturizer for my oily combination skin. If you’re wondering why I would need moisturizer when my skin is oily to begin with, it’s actually because oily skin still do need moisturizing. However, when you have oily skin, you couldn’t just pick any moisturizer in the skincare section of your favorite beauty store.

The thing with oily skin is that your moisturizer has to do its job – that is to provide moisture – while at the same time, be light enough on your skin. I was browsing through eBay a couple of months ago when I found this Innisfree Rosemary Sebum and Pore Lotion. Now considering that I have oily combination skin, you can pretty much tell why this gets me excited enough to purchase this product right away.

Innisfree Rosemary Sebum and Pore Lotion claims to control excessive sebum and tighten pores. Does it work on my oily combination skin? The simple answer is YES.

Innisfree2Innisfree3What I love best about this moisturizer is that it’s VERY light on the skin – almost watery. I say this because I have tried other cream moisturizers before and those just end up being sticky and uncomfortable on my face while I have never encountered any of those issues with this. The product feels like the serum from those Korean facial sheet masks that I love and it gets absorbed by my skin well.

One bottle contains 200ml of product and for something that you only use a tiny dollop of for each application, you get much use out of it. I have been using this continuously for more than 3 months now and I still have about 70% of the product left. Having said that, I’m already planning on restocking this item since it seems I may need to order this internationally and I don’t want to run out of it.

From the months since I have been using this, I observed some changes in my skin. I normally get really oily, especially after a day of work in front of the computer. I go through oil-blotting sheets like a PRO. Since I started applying this on my face though, I noticed that I don’t get as oily as I usually get without this. That is not saying that my face is completely matte though – just that I don’t end up like a grease ball at the end of the day. My face does not have that perfect dewy quality to it yet, but pretty close to that.

As for ingredient list, it’s all in Korean. It does say that that this does not contain any parabens, artificial color or mineral oil. Also, Innisfree is already an established brand in Korea and if there’s anything Koreans know how to do really well, it’s skincare. Well, they also got it right with their Squid Bulgogi and Bibimbap, but that’s a different story for another time. 🙂

Pricewise, this retails for around $8-$16 with free international shipping on eBay. I’m not sure about the retail price for when you buy it in one of those Korean beauty/skincare stores, but the price is pretty reasonable for me considering how much use you get out of the 200ml it contains.

Overall, I love this product and would recommend it to people with oily/oily combination skin. It’s gentle and lightweight on my skin and my skin sensitivity is average, but I believe this will also work for those with sensitive skin types. Speaking of skin types, I’m Asian and could only speak from my experience with this product, so I couldn’t tell you how this works on other skin types. If you’re looking for a moisturizer for your oily skin though, I’d say this is worth a try.



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