Review: Hard Candy Kal-Eye-Descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo


I first heard of Hard Candy from Emily Eddington of Youtube, who is perhaps one, if not my top makeup influences. I have been a subbie of hers for some time now and have learned a lot from her. In a number of her videos, she talked about loving these Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duos and I somehow made that mental note in my mind to be on the lookout for them when I do my online shopping.

When I started building my makeup collection a few months ago, these baked eyeshadows were at the top of my purchase list. Luckily for me, I found them on eBay for a much lower price than I could possibly get them at department stores. They were around 80PHP apiece and for their quality, I would say I got a pretty awesome deal.

I have four sets of these [one of them not shown in this post]: Romantic Rendezvous, High Maintenance, Bad Reputation and Rush Hour.


Like many “baked” makeup products, these eyeshadows come in dome-shaped in their circular containers and can be worn wet or dry. For its price, you do get a good deal of product.

When it comes to pigmentation, I absolutely have no complains. As you can see from the primer-less swatches below, you do end up with pretty good pigmentation with just one swipe of your finger. I believe these all come with shimmer with the glitter/shimmer not being too fine, but not too chunky either. Fallout is minimal to none when I use these with my makeup brushes.


If I had a bone to pick with these Hard Candy duos though, it’s that they don’t come in mattes. Since I have hooded eyelids, I prefer to have a matte eyeshadow for crease color. It’s not a huge issue as I have matte eyeshadows of my own from other palettes, but just in case you have hooded lids and are expecting to use just this duo for your eyeshadow look, you may want to know that these don’t have mattes.

Overall, I would still recommend this product because of pigmentation and price point. As I’ve said, the fact that it doesn’t have mattes isn’t really a huge issue for me and that’s the only negative thing I could think of about this product.

Do you have items in your collection that you have bought because of a recommendation and ended up loving?

Share them in your comments below.



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