Benjabelle Brush Tree Dupe: Rosalind 2014 Professional Makeup Brush Drying Tool

As the owner of a number of makeup brush sets, I have always been interested by the concept of the Benjabelle Brush Tree. It’s a simple tool, yes, but no one can argue that it is very helpful when you’re drying your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can be expensive depending on the brand you use, so as much as possible, you’d want to make them last longer.

When you’re washing your makeup brushes, you want to make sure that excess water from the hairs will not go down to the ferrule, thereby loosening the glue that holds the hairs together. Most of us solve this problem by tilting our brushes at an angle when drying them so that instead of going down on the ferrule, excess water will instead be pulled by gravity out of the hairs/brush. I won’t argue that it works because that’s the way I have always done it, but there is a better tool that you can use to make the brush-drying process easier – and that’s the Benjabelle Brush Tree.

Basically, the Brush Tree works as a drying rack for your makeup brushes. You stick the brushes in the rack in an upside down position after washing them and that will pretty much drain all the excess water that may have been left in the hairs.

It’s a great product, but as someone from outside the US, I couldn’t order the Brush Tree for myself – they don’t ship internationally. So, the next thing I could think of was to look for another (and cheaper) alternative and found it in AliExpress.

The dupe is called the Rosalind 2014 Professional Makeup Brush Drying Tool. As you can see from the picture below, it looks pretty much like the Benjabelle Brush Tree. What’s even better is that it’s only for $12.68 and the seller offers Free Shipping from China.

RosalindPhoto credits: Rosalind Beauty Shop

I have ordered one set for myself and just waiting for it to arrive. Shipping does take time though, which is a downside, but that’s pretty much how long I wait for international orders anyway.

What do you think of the Rosalind 2014 Professional Makeup Brush Drying Tool?



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